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A bright future begins with the health of children and adolescents around the globe.


Improving the lives of young people around the world through the power of immune engineering. 

Too often, advances in healthcare reach children and adolescents last, as they are understudied and underrepresented in biomedical research. 


In a transformative move to reshape the future and prioritize advancements in global child and adolescent health, Fondation Botnar has endowed the Foundation Immune Engineering for Global Child and Adolescent Health (FIE). At the heart of FIE lies a profound commitment to immune engineering, a revolutionary field with the potential to redefine healthcare for all, and most importantly, our world's 2.4 billion children and adolescents.​

Foundation Board

Executive Leadership

Adrian Kohler

Media Relations


Phone Number: +41 79 309 56 18

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